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  • Reduce Drift. Reduce Noise. Increase Results.

  • Quick Start. Easy Installation.

  • Quick-Connect Technology. Multiple Applications.

  • Full Metal Body. Quality Built in the USA

Reduce Drift. Reduce Noise. Increase Results.

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Quick Start. Easy Installation.

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Quick-Connect Technology. Multiple Applications.

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Full Metal Body. Quality Built in the USA

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The Aqueous Product Applicator

The APA device is a multipurpose application system specially designed to deliver a superior misting experience using a battery operated leaf blower for the air supply and a battery operated pump backpack to maintain a constant liquid flow. Switch between a precise crack and crevice wand treatment to a broad mist application with ease. Less noise, no gas and oil mixing, less product drift, less carrying weight reduces fatigue, which means safer working conditions. All you need is a leaf blower and a pressurized liquid product tank. You're on the road to a better controlled mist delivery application.

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See The APA in Action

The APA device is trusted by professionals, hear what they have to say:

I needed a misting device that was battery operated in order to get to the backyard of customers property, the only access was walking through their very expensive homes and I did not want my technicians to carry a gas engine through them.

- Chuck Wells, Mosquito Squad


The APA  misting device is just what I have been looking for to use in my business! A device that’s powered by battery operated components to use inside a building.

 - Dave Miller - Degreasing Engineers

The APA misting device is the best invention since slice bread, it works great.

- Brian Jones - Site One Landscaping

A Product You can count on

Larger Droplet Size

The APA is designed to deliver a slightly larger liquid droplet in comparison to the very fine mist of a typical mist blower. This results in greatly reduced drift and more precise applications.

Parts That Last

With a body machined out of solid aluminum, brass nozzles, and stainless steel and brass valves, the APA device is built to last. Whether you're a homeowner occasionally misting for pests, or an industry professional, you can rely on the APA.

Simple Set-Up Approved

Simply attach the APA to a fluid supply source via the APA Quick Connect system. The device is then secured to a leaf blower in one simple step. Using an electric blower reduces decibel exposure, providing a quieter operation in residential neighborhoods.