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About the Aqueous Product Applicator

Advanced Droplet Technology

As a previous pest control business owner and current business advisor for pest control franchise locations, Clayton “Buzz” Holznagel recognized that this industry is under pressure to control drift from mist blowers. There was also a major need for technicians and operators to be able to quickly switch between precise crack and crevice treatments and powerful mist blowing treatments. The APA has been tested using natural and standard permethrin products for pest control, providing excellent coverage with the ability to control drift. 

During Covid-19 restrictions the APA (Aqueous Product Applicator) is a proven misting device, protecting both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces when gas operated engines cannot be used because of carbon monoxide emissions and noise.

Using the APA when connected to the recommended battery-operated air supply and battery-operated fluid reservoir provides coverage were foggers are limited, due to environment and weather conditions.

The APA misting device assembles in only minutes, easy to use and will help reduce your labor cost.

The APA (Aqueous Product Applicator) device provides a solution to communities that have noise restrictions when attached to a battery-operated air supply and a battery-operated pressurized backpack.

Motorized 2 cycle mist blowers operated at a 90 + decibel rating compared to 56 decibels using battery supplied power sources.

The APA also reduces drifting onto neighboring properties by design.

The APA (Aqueous Product Applicator) is a valuable addition to lawn care professional's toolbox when smaller properties have a need for liquid fertilizer applications.

The ability to switch between a precise wand treatment and powerful mist blowing in just seconds provides applicators with an efficient tool to complete a variety of jobs, from precise weed killing applications to large scale fertilization jobs.  

Are you tired of dragging a long hose from your vehicle across the lawn to reach a small area of Crab Grass or Creeping Charlie in the backyard?

The 4 gal. battery-operated pressurized backpack coupled to the APA that is attached to the air-supply (battery-operated leaf blower) reduces fatigue and allows the operator to move quickly and then onto the next property in a timely manner.

The APA device (Aqueous Product Applicator) is great for use in forestry settings.

When invasive brush species, such as buck thorn, requires control measures, the APA (Aqueous Product Applicator), when used with a battery operated mist blower, eliminates the concern of an accidental spark, causing a fire during dry weather conditions.

There is no need for gas and oil when in the woods.

Treating cement forms with a release agent takes time on large projects. Use the APA (Aqueous Product Applicator) to protect cement surfaces from surface damage, corrosion, and staining.

The APA will reduce overall labor hours saving precious time and increasing productivity.

You may already have the 2 components required to use the APA (Aqueous Product Applicator), which is a leaf blower and a 4 gal. battery-operated pressurized backpack.

The quick assembly modifies the backpack to use for pest control, applying soaps or degreasing solutions, fertilizers and herbicides to invasive species at an affordable cost.


Reduce Drift. Reduce Noise.

The Aqueous Product Applicator (APA) attaches to a hand held leaf blower (required for an air supply) and then to a pressurized backpack which serves as the fluid supply reservoir. The device is machined from a solid aluminum bar stock; no plastic parts are used. The APA is designed to deliver a slightly larger liquid droplet in comparison to the usual droplet size of a typical mist blower.


The APA has been tested using a four gallon, battery operated backpack as the fluid reservoir. It can be used with either an electric or gas powered leaf blower to deliver the product within the air stream. Using an electric leaf blower results in a lower decibel mist blowing experience.


Quickly switch between a powerful mist blowing experience and a fine tuned crack and crevice wand treatment with the supplied quick connection.

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Product Features


Reduced Noise

Reduced noise decibel exposure with the use of an electric leaf blower, providing a quieter operation in residential neighborhoods. 


Reduced Drift.

Specially designed to deliver a slightly larger droplet size than typical mist blowers, the APA helps control drift and provides greater accuracy.


Reduce Fatigue.

Without the need for a mist blower engine on your back, you'll experience less operator fatigue related to equipment weight, which promotes safer working conditions.


Built to Last

Crafted in the USA using aluminum, stainless steel, and brass components, the APA is guaranteed to last through the toughest of jobs and stand the test of time.


Quick Switch

Utilize the APAs quick connect technology to quickly switch between precise wand treatments and powerful mist blowing treatments


Multipurpose System

Useful for industry, commercial, and the DIY homeowner. Applications include cement sealer, form release products, cleaning solutions, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and more.

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